Sony Deaktiviert "Gutschein Einlösen"

Once per turn, you possibly can send 1 Dragon-Sort monster out of your hand and 1 Dragon-Kind monster from Gutscheincode GoEuro your Deck to the Graveyard to pick 1 card in either gamers' Graveyard and banish it. This results works actually good on an opponent's Stardust Dragon.

When a monster declares an assault, you may detach 1 XYZ Material from Number 39: Utopia to negate that assault. On the card, it says "take away from play"), White Horned Dragon features 300 ATK. Additionally, when The Wicked Avatar is Regular Summoned, your opponent can't activate any Spell or Entice Cards for 2 turns.

You possibly can banish 1 DARKISH monster in your Graveyard to destroy 1 card on the sphere. You can pay half of your life points to banish every card on the sphere besides this card. Most of your opponents will have Spell Cards as a result of they're a significant a part of any Deck.

This Deck is crammed with Lightsworn monsters, and getting them to the Graveyard will not be onerous for this dragon. Any monster with 2000 ATK is a great card, and when it attacks, Axe Dragonute is modified to Defense Place through the finish of the Harm Step.

You possibly can banish 1 MILD and 1 DARKISH monster out of your Graveyard to Particular Summon this card out of your hand, or you possibly can Particular Summon this card out of your Graveyard by sending 1 GENTLE and 1 DARKISH monster to your Graveyard. As soon as per flip, you have the power to Special Summon any Dragon-Type monster out of your Graveyard.

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